Technical iodine

Technical iodine

Technical Iodine from SC "Turkmenhimiya"

Iodine is well-known for the iodo-starch reaction under which a blue color develops and, as a nutrient, contained in various seaweeds. Since iodine is an element, it can not be obtained through a chemical synthesis and there being no other way to produce it than to extract from the natural resources containing it, we can say that iodine is valuable material.

The State Concern "Turkmenhimiya" (SC "Turkmenhimiya") year after year improves the export performance of its manufactured high-quality products to foreign countries and there is a great demand for these products all over the world. The demand for products is an indicator of the quality of products manufactured in Turkmenistan.

At present, SC “Turkmenhimiya” is a large and reliable supplier of iodine for domestic and foreign consumers. Extraction of iodine, along with the production of mineral fertilizers, is the most important branch of the domestic chemical complex.

The sale of chemical products of Turkmenistan is carried out through the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.

Technical Iodine “A” Grade for Industrial use

Appearance: a crystalline product of gray-black color with a metallic luster, with a size of about 30 mm.

Application: it is used for the production of synthetic rubber, chemical reagents, medical preparations, rare metals, as well as in the production of dyes, in the film industry and in special chemicals.

Technical Iodine “A” Grade for Industrial use in Turkmenistan

At present, iodine production is carried out at the Hazar chemical plant, Balkanabat and Bereket iodine plants located in the Balkan region of Turkmenistan. The raw material base of these plants are the deposits of Nebitdag-Monjukly, Boyadag, Cheleken and manifestations of iodine Seitkerdery.
Turkmenistan, in particular, the Balkan velayat is rich in iodine deposits. The Hazar Chemical Plant, one of the oldest enterprises of the chemical industry of Turkmenistan, works on local raw materials -underground iodine-containing natural and associated waters extracted during oil and gas extraction. Today, the Hazar plant has expanded its production capacity. New plants with an annual capacity of 300-350 tons for the production of granulated iodine were built here.

Physical and chemical indicators of technical iodine from Turkmenistan
# Name of the indicator A Grade
1 Content of iodine, % not less 99.00
2 Content of chloride and bromide, %, not more than 0.01
3 Content of organic substances, %, not more than 0.08
4 The residue during calcination,%, not more 0.05
5 Content of iodine, % not less 0.8