Granular sulfur

Granular sulfur

Technical sulfur for industrial use from SC "Turkmengas"

There are several physical forms of sulfur. The most common is yellow crystals or powder.

Most commonly sulfur is used in the production of sulfuric acid, which is perhaps the most important chemical manufactured in the World. The most important of sulfuric acid's many uses is in the manufacture of phosphoric acid, in order to make phosphates for fertilizers.

Granular sulfur widely used in agriculture as fungicides' substances, struggling with fungal diseases of plants. Also sulfur is used to obtain the sulfuric acid and production of many types of medications.

Granular Sulfur in Turkmenistan

The State Concern "Turkmengas" - is a state owned company of Turkmenistan and it year by year increases the volume of exported chemical products. One of its main direction is granular sulfur. After purification of gas at the gas-processing plants, the State Concern "Turkmengas" pack up sulfur in special sacks, warehouse them and after that the commodity product goes to addresses of the foreign companies according to contract commitments.

In Turkmenistan, there are 2 (two) major gas field processing facilities, belongin to SC "Turkmengaz":

  • Samandepe Gas Field Processing Facility, in Lebap (Turkmenistan)
  • Galkynysh Gas Field Processing Facility, in Mary (Turkmenistan)


Samandepe Gas Field Processing Facility

Saman-Depe Gas Field is a large natural gas field located in Lebap Province of Turkmenistan. The field belongs to contractual territory Bagtyyarlyk, a group of several fields on the right bank of Amu Darya River the maximum output of which is estimated at 25-30 billion cubic meters per year, combined. The peak of production is expected in 2015-2020.
The plant was built for refining, purification and annual production of 5 billion cubic metres (180 billion cubic feet) of gas. Additionally, the plant produces nearly 180,000 tonnes of stable condensate at full capacity.

Galkynysh Gas Field Processing Facility

The Galkynysh field has been announced as the second largest gas field in the world – over 700 tcf gas reserves.Galkynysh Gas Field (formerly South Yoloten), discovered in 2006, is a name assigned to a cluster of gas fields: South Iolotan, Osman, Minara and Yashlar. Galkynysh is touted to be one of the biggest gas reserves in the world.
The gas field is owned by State Consern (SC) Turkmengas, the state-owned National Gas Company of Turkmenistan. Galkynysh is located 75 km south-east of the provincial capital Mary in Turkmenistan and about 400 km south-east of the capital Ashgabat.

Typical physical properties of granular sulfur from Turkmenistan
# Name of parameter Figure
1 Mass fraction of sulfur, % not less than 99.95
2 Mass fraction of ash, % not more than 0.03
3 Mass fraction of organic compounds, % not more than 0.03
4 Mass fraction of acids converted to sulfuric acid, % not more thanMass fraction of acids converted to sulfuric acid, % not more than 0.003
5 * Mass fraction of moisture, % not more than 0.2
6 Presence of mechanical impurities absent
7 Color bright yellow