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Abraýly Kesp

The economic company "Abraýly Kesp", translated as "International Services", is a company founded by young professionals in the field of trade and transportation of petrochemical goods from Turkmenistan to the countries of the near abroad and Europe. Despite the fact that the company is still young, we can boast of our specialists, who have extensive and long-term experiences in these fields. That is why we can offer you a big range consulting service as well.

Our goal is to interact and attract foreign clients / investors to the export-rich Turkmenistan market. The main activity of the company is assistance (consulting) in the purchase of goods produced in Turkmenistan (registration of foreign companies on the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan, execution of the necessary client documentation, participation in tenders on behalf of the client, purchase of goods in the client’s name, clearance of customs documentation) and transport services to the client’s destination. Thus, the main activities of our company are divided into three parts: trade, logistics and consulting services.

Turkmenistan is a strategically important country for trade in petrochemical goods at the expense of its rich gas fields. Turkmenistan is one of the leading countries in Central Asia in the production and export of mineral fertilizers, such as urea, sulfur, ammonia and potassium.

The complete list of goods of Turkmen origin ready to be exported can be found on the official website of the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.

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