We provide the highest quality services and our customers are happy to work with us.

International trade
The first part of the services consists in providing the Clients with the necessary goods of Turkmenistan origin. We help foreign customers to buy and the State producers to sell.
Logistics solutions
The second and quite important part of our services is logistics. Everyone knows that the key point in doing business in the field of trade is transportation, or rather logistics.
Export service
The third and last part - consulting services. We come to help you, when there are difficult obstacles and unsolvable tasks in the fields of trade, logistics and financing.
Road Transportation
Road transportation is the most common type of transportation of goods in Turkmenistan, as well as in whole World. It combines a high-speed of delivery and a relatively competitive price.
Rail Transportation
Rail transportation is one of the safest types of transportation. This type of transportation allows to transport any type of cargo in a large quantities and volumes. We offer our clients railway services.
Import service
Sea transportation helps where the ideal logistics route runs through the sea or ocean. There are cases where goods shipment in large volumes from point A to point B is more expedient by sea.